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R&d Technology 1
Non-invasive prenatal screening, detection of In recent years, the decorative drawing style has become popular in the wind power home appliance industry, but due to the original UV-coated PET drawing in IMD/IML, it has formed a service life of only 8-10 years.neonatal genetic diseases such as congenital hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria.
In order to extend the service life of the home appliance industry, Dongguan Hongmei New Materials Co., LTD. (formerly: Shenzhen Hongmei Film Co., LTD.) was able to develop for Samsung manufacturers with limited success, which can be used for mechanical tensile IMD/IML injection molding of PET materials. The mechanically stretched PET film is the surface of the PET film, through physical means to make its surface shape grow stretch texture, the product has high tensile properties, can meet the requirements of large Angle injection molding parts bending. Usually in picture printing inks and injection molding, this process can lead to a final product with a three-dimensional painting artistic effect.
Since the mechanically stretched PET film is not the surface coating formed by the stretched texture, the defects of the keystroke convex process do not appear around the white button.
PET drawing application: Mainly used for injection molding of household appliances panel/nameplate (Successful case: Samsung washing machine, refrigerator)
R&d Technology 2
In the new era of advocating green environmental protection and new energy applications, solar cell backplanes are gradually introduced to the market and are widely used in street lights, families, military, government and other projects. However, the introduction of frosted solar cell backplane solves the problem of solar panels reflecting light in the light, Dongguan Hongmei New Materials Co., LTD. (predecessor: Shenzhen Hongmei Film Co., LTD.) and solar cell backplane manufacturer Shenzhen Shenda Solar Energy Co., Ltd. cooperated to develop a special frosted PET film for solar cell backplane field. This frosted PET film has weather resistance, sand surface has anti-scratch effect, the smooth surface can be specially treated with EVA glue at 140 degrees high temperature for 15 minutes after pressing to achieve the perfect effect of not falling off.
R&d Technology 3
In the era of rapid development of modern home appliance decoration, mobile phone shell decoration, computer peripheral product decoration, in recent years, ordinary transparent PET printing pattern IMD injection parts have been unable to meet the needs of designers. Following the famous British brand Cotutai successfully launched Autotex@Brushed series of long brushed textured PET for designers to design more textured decorative pieces. However, due to the relatively high price of Autotex@Brushed series long brushed texture PET in China, many manufacturers have brought the pressure of increasing costs, so Dongguan Hongmei New Materials Co., LTD. (predecessor: Shenzhen Hongmei Film Co., LTD.) set the efforts of many engineers successfully developed and put into production the alternative Autotex@Brushed series of long brushed texture PET.
This wire-drawn PET sheet can be silk screened or electroplated to create a long line stainless steel surface effect, with high wear resistance, solvent and chemical resistance. The film sheet has good flexibility and toughness, can be hit convex processing, and the key life can reach more than 5 million times; Can be used in IMD/IML high tensile injection molding field.
Dongguan Hongmei New Materials Co., LTD.  is a manufacturer focusing on development, production and sales as one.
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