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Frosted PET Film
Frosted PET film is a kind of high-quality single-sided sanded film, it has two kinds of packaging, the conventional thickness of 135UM, 150UM, 200UM, 260UM, the conventional width of 610MM, can also be cut or sliced according to customer requirements, frosted PET can be used in the following fields as a substrate: Film switch, dashboard panel, nameplate, household appliance panel, remote control switch.
Hard PET Film On One Side
Main property:this series of hardened film combines the latest international nano anti-scratch material technology and advanced coating process, with high penetration, wear resistance, low rainbow, low crystal point, and printability. UV printing oil, ordinary ink has excellent adhesion, very suitable for IMD (in-mold decoration), touch screen, mobile phone LENS, home appliance panel, screen protection film and other high-end applications.Single-sided plus hard PET film suitable fields: IMD shell, panel, touch screen, film switch, mobile phone, notebook, tablet computer, digital camera, GPS and other anti-scratch protective film.
Transparent Brushed PET Film
Transparent brushed PET film is a new decorative base film, which is a single-side brushed texture treatment on the basis of PET film substrate. The brushed texture surface has a good drawing effect to achieve a beautiful decorative effect. Now it has been used by many large home appliance companies to decorate the appearance of home appliances; It is also used in the decoration of mobile phone protective shell. For example: Midea air conditioning, Gree air conditioning......
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Special Performance Textured PET
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